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Pier Pleasure Roll-In

Pier Pleasure Roll In Docks

Reasons to consider a Pier Pleasure Roll-In for your next dock!

1). Flexibility- Our docks are designed with a track system on the inside of the dock. This track gives you the ability to add posts or our Easy-to-Level “Screw Jack” Leveling system. This also will allow you to change your configuration at any time in the future. Whether you want to make a platform, or make a larger platform, or add a slip this all can easily be done in the future.

2). Stability- The same Easy-to-Level “Screw Jack” Leveling system is tied into the dock system utilizing a series of bracing. This unique bracing gives our dock system a great deal of stability.

3). Leveling- Our Easy-to-Level “Screw jack” Leveling system makes it so that you can adjust your dock from the surface. This will allow you to level your dock if it settles or to accommodate the changing water levels without any heavy lifting or even getting wet. The only leveling in the market place that requires absolutely no maintenance and is backed by a LIFETIME warranty!

Easy-to-Level wheel kits are offered in 4 different sizes:

Extra Shallow Water Kit – 18-26 Inches of water depth.
Shallow Water Kit- 24-42 Inches of water depth.
Medium Water Kit- 36-60 Inches of water depth.
Deep Water Kit- 46-74 Inches of water depth.

4) Multiple Connection Methods-
Our Standard Bolt System allows you to connect your dock sections using non-corrosive bolts and nuts.
The Single-Stage Hook System allows you to connect sections into any desired layout without tools and provides ease of installation and removal of your dock one 8′ or 16′ section at a time.
The Dual-Stage Hook System gives you the ability to maneuver over uneven shorelines and remove multiple sections at the same time.

5). Removable Deck Panels-
Makes the sections much lighter and easier to handle for installation/removal.
Titan vinyl panels can be secured in place with optional clips.

6). Warranty- Pier Pleasure Roll-In docks have the longest and most extensive warranty in the industry! Full 20 Year Warranty on: Aluminum Structure, Weld Integrity, and Hardware. The Easy-to-Level “Screw Jack” Leveling has a Lifetime Warranty. Titan Re-enforced decking has a 12 Year Warranty.
Pier Pleasure also provides a large selection of great dock accessories to enhance your lake shore living.

Click Here to view our Pier Pleasure Dock Accessories!

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