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Teresa Roberts
July 9, 2019

We have been very happy with the seasonal dock and lift services for the past few years (great attention to detail), but today, At Ease really showed their great customer service. Our pontoon flipped over in a storm and they were so great! Came to help us right away and then worked their way around our lake helping others. So glad we found you! Highly recommend!

Lori Botzet
July 9, 2019

Great guys, great company. Their products are top notch too.

Caleb Hanson
July 9, 2019

Awesome guys to work with. Very knowledgeable with great communication and timely service. Highly recommended.

Jeff Schlossman
July 9, 2019

They have come through for us in price and customer service. Three ways first got us the best new dock and canopy after comparing prices and listened to what we wanted.
Second came thru and help us just after an emergency storm blew mine and all my neighbors docks and lifts over. I was first to get help.
And third needing dock and lift in early for an event they got it done.
Nice work and above and beyond!