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Roll In Docks

At Ease Dock & Lift offers two different types of Roll In Dock.

Pier Pleasure Roll-In Docks come with a maintenance-free Reinforced Titan Vinyl Decking which is backed by a 12 year warranty. Pier Pleasure docks also come with a lifetime warranty on their “screwjack” leveling, and a 20 year warranty on the Aluminum Structure, Weld Integrity and Hardware. The vinyl decking on Pier Pleasure is reinforced with aluminum stringers to give it a much more stable feel and it also helps the vinyl hold up for a longer period of time by preventing “curling” and cracking as the dock gets older.

Pier Pleasure’s “Screw jack” Leveling system makes it so that you can adjust your dock from the surface. This will allow you to level your dock if it settles or to accommodate the changing water levels without any heavy lifting or getting in the water.

Pier Pleasure Roll In docks are designed with a track system on the inside of the dock. This track gives you the ability to change your dock configuration and add accessories in a convenient way.

Our second type of Roll In Dock is the Ridgeline LT. This is our more affordable option which is best suited for shallower water. Ridgeline Roll In docks come with a maintenance-free Vinyl Decking which is backed by a lifetime warranty from manufacturer defects. Ridgeline Docks also come with a 5 year warranty on their framework.

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