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Easy-to-Level “Screw Jack” Wheel Kits

Easy-to-Level “Screw Jack” Wheel Kits

Pier Pleasure’s Easy-to-Level “Screw Jack” Leveling is designed to be the easiest leveling method in the market.  With this unique design you will no longer have to lift heavy dock frames or even get in the water to level your dock!

It is the only leveling option in the market that is designed to be maintenance free and comes with a LIFETIME Warranty!

The Easy-to-Level wheel kits are offered in 4 different sizes:

  • Extra Shallow Water Kit –  18-26 Inches of water depth.
  • Shallow Water Kit-  24-42 Inches of water depth.
  • Medium Water Kit- 36-60 Inches of water depth.
  • Deep Water Kit- 46-74 Inches of water depth.

Our wheel kits are also designed with additional bracing to give your dock great stability and a clean look with no posts sticking up above the surface!

Give us a call and find out today what At Ease Dock & Lift can do to help you with your next dock purchase!

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