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Aquasweep Muck Blaster

Aquasweep Muck Blaster

Dramatically improve water quality while safely removing sediment buildup! The Aquasweep dock mount model can keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface, while also being fully adjustable to forcefully blast muck, silt, and decaying leaves off the bottom! The exclusive motorized action of the Aquasweep conveniently pushes muck and silt 50 feet away. Designed for both fresh and salt water, the Aquasweep fully adjusts in any direction, making it the ideal solution for eliminating decaying bottom muck and floating surface algae. Plus now we offer a oscillator option so you have full 360 degree rotation, automatically!

– Runs at 3,450 rpms, moving 400 gallons per minute
– Manufactured using American-made stainless steel

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